Heat Resistant High Temperature Paint

Heat Resistant High Temperature Paint

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  • UGAM H R 1800 does not require any primer.
  • First clean the surface properly.
  • If it is to be applied over metal, little roughening is required for proper adhesion of the product.
  • After roughening clean the surface again.
  • Apply first coat of UGAM H R 1800 by mixing water to binder in 4:1 ratio and adding powder slowly with mechanical stirring till entire powder is mixed.
  • If required more water can be added as per requirement.
  • Then apply coat up to 100 microns thickness in one go.
  • Then after four hours curing, apply second coat in same way.
  • After four hours raise the temperature of furnace @ 50 degrees C per hour till actual use temperature, cool down to room temperature and again apply two coats as above and cure in the same way.
  • Now your furnace is ready for use.
  • If you require more thickness for insulation purpose, you can coat further two times as per procedure mentioned above.
  • The thickness should be determined as per your requirement on small panel first prior to use on large scale.
  • The technical specification is correct to the best of our knowledge and under test conditions and we do not accept any liability towards misuse and contents of it. Product must be tested for specific use prior to use.