Insulmix HR Heat Reflective Paint

Insulmix HR Heat Reflective Paint

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We are capable of delivering the orders in a safe manner at customer's end and for this; we have a capacious warehouse that is installed with all required amenities required for safe storage. The company is deeply rooted in Pune(India) and is acknowledged for its fair pricing policy and professional attitude.

UGAM INSULMIX HR Thermal Insulation Coatings (Energy saving coatings)


  • Ugam Insulmix HR is Elastomeric Thermal Insulation and Water proof coating. After curing it forms heat barrier, flexible, and strong film which bridges cracks, prevents peeling, future cracks, growth of algae or fungi. It prevents water seepage and is U. V. resistant.
  • Ugam Insulmix HR is tested at V. J. T. I. Mumbai, National Coating Corporation Callifornia, and other laboratories in U. S. we strictly follow A S T M standards and our products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects.


  • Ugam Insulmix HR is designed for use on almost all surfaces. Exterior R.C.C. surface, Cement surfaces, Asbestos sheets, G.I. sheets, Galvalum sheets, Stone walls, Sloping roofs, wood, plastic, for ovens and furnaces, freezer vans, mobile houses, Industrial and Commercial facilities, Special application in defense, cold storage, automobiles, and places requiring thermal insulation and waterproofing.
  • We have completed many Waterproof and thermal insulation Coating projects in Pune and Mumbai.


  • Reduction of electricity cost by upto 40%. Ugam Insulmix HR helps to block transfer of heat inward when applied to exterior of walls and outward when applied to interior of walls. For maximum electricity savings in air conditioned buildings, we recommend doing both!
  • Hence Ugam Insulmix HR is one coating, which works as exterior/interior paint, U V Resistant coating, waterproofing and most importantly thermal insulation coating and eliminates conventional waterproofing, and thermal insulation of the building.


  • Gives thermal insulation to surface over which it is applied.
  • Posses elastomeric effect which bridges existing gaps up to 0.5mm and prevents further cracking.
  • Controls thermal expansion and contraction of the surface and prevents surface movements thereby reducing the possibilities of development of cracks.
  • If applied to building having central A/c., electricity bills can be reduced up to 40%.
  • Being water proof, stops all minor leakages to terraces and walls permanently.
  • Has excellent alkali resistance and U V resistance.
  • Can be supplied in any shade on order

The technical specification is correct to the best of our knowledge and under test conditions and we do not accept any liability towards misuse and contents of it. Product must be tested for specific use prior to use.