Polyurethane Coating Exposed Steel

Polyurethane Coating Exposed Steel

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We are offering excellence in the form of Exposed Steel Anticorrosive, Polyurethane Coating to enhance the buyers' content. We are backed by a well-structured and capacious storehouse that assists us in furnishing urgent and quick requirements of the clients. Moreover, we ensure complete safety of the stored items.

Ugam Anticorrosive Pu

  • Ugam Anticorrosive Pu Product Is Used In Outdoor Areas Of Exposed Steel.
  • UGAM P U Topcoat is used for prevention of corrosion in coastal areas.
  • It is used over UGAM Anticorrosive Epoxy primer for coastal areas.
  • This provides duel system of anticorrosion in coastal areas.
  • This is proven system for prevention of corrosion.
  • Since P U is having very high weathering resistance, it is used in topcoat.
  • Special ingredients make it anticorrosive and protect steel surface.
  • Ugam Anti corrosive Pu Provides Very Good Weather Resistance For Protection Of Steel.
  • Ugam Anti corrosive Pu Coating Is Far Superior To Epoxy Coatings As This Is Having Very Good Weather Resistance.
  • Once Used This Does Not Need Re Application For About Ten Years.
  • Ugam Anti corrosive Pu Also Is Useful Over Concrete Surfaces Near Water Like Bridges Or In Heavy Rainfall Areas. Bridges, Flyovers Are Coated With Ugam Anti corrosive Pu.
  • Multi-storey Buildings Are Also Coated With Ugam Anti corrosive Pu.
  • This Coating Provides Very Nice Aesthetic Look Too!
  • Ugam Anti corrosive Pu Is Most Suitable Coating For Protection As Well As Aesthetic Value.

The technical specification is correct to the best of our knowledge and under test conditions and we do not accept any liability towards misuse and contents of it. Product must be tested for specific use prior to use.