Thermal Insulation High Temperature Coatings

Thermal Insulation High Temperature Coatings

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Excellent Product for Energy Saving Upto 600 Deg C

This is Epoxy Silicon Base Coating. This product is used to the surface of furnace where the temperature is less than 550 degrees C. This blocks radiation losses by repelling it interior and helps even heating throughout furnance. This in turn provides saving up to 10 %. This is used for reduction in energy consumption of furnaces due to heat losses. This product is also suitable for brick hangers in furnace ceiling, furnace doors, any metal area behind bricks which can be exposed to excessive heat in case of bricks being damaged or leaked through. UGAM HRTI 600 EPSI is mainly suggested for Chimneys,Furnace, Boilers, Freezer vans, ovens up to 550 degrees C or any surface needing heat insulation.In industries where heat is used for process, UGAM Thermal insulation coating are used for energy saving purpose up to 1800 degrees C.



UGAM H R T I 600 EPSI Coating is specially manufactured for coating of parts which come into contact of heat upto 600 deg. Celsius. This coating blocks radiations from the surface entering in surrounding environment. Hence this works as energy saving product. This coating also increases the life of parts on which they are applied for protection. The application procedure of UGAM H R T I 600 EPSI. is very easy. It can be applied by brush after mixing it well and thinned down to application viscosity if required. Single coat of UGAM EPSI PRIMER is required in case the application is to be done for whether resistance requirement. The previously applied coating should be removed from the surface by UGAM PAINT STRIPPER/ Sand blasting or mechanical cleaning. The paint stripper should be applied to the surface and left for few minutes till the paint starts lifting from the surface. Then the surface should be scraped lightly with the help of emery paper. The surface should then be cleaned by thinner followed by application of three coats of UGAM H R T I 600 EPSI. Minimum four hours time should be given between each coat. The care should be taken that the final dry film thickness should be 250 microns for optimum results. The surface will air dry after four hours. It can be taken in use after overnight curing of final coat. The coatings will thorough dry in actual use and when temperature exceeds 200 deg C for minimum one hour. The covering per litre is around 75 sq ft per coat; depending upon the absorption by the surface.

Material Suppllied.
1. Johnson & Johnson Mulund (West)
2. ISPAT Raigad

Cold Storages :
1. Novaritis Thane
2. S K Cold Storage
3. Gomti Cold Storage
4. Ajay Cold Storage
5. Pashupati Cold Storage
6. Cold storages - Besides 10 of them in Agra & Lucknow

Oven / Furnaces :
1. L & T Nashik
2. Bajaj Auto Ltd. Pune
3. Bharat Forge Pune
4. Om Heat Treaters Mumbai
5. Therelek Furnaces Thane
6. Asahi Glass Taloja

Pipe Lines / Valves / Flanges/Tanks :
1. Reliance Patalgange
2. IPCL Baroda
3. ACC Wadi
4. Therelek Furnaces Thane
5. Bharat Forge Ltd. Pune
6. Cipla Vikhroli